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Bison Bookshelf Winter '22

Recent publications by alumni authors.

by Seth Shapiro
Campus Gate with Flowers

“We Are Not Scared to Die: Julius Malema and the New Movement for African Liberation”

By: Tiffany Thames Copeland (PhD ’20)

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, is battling to achieve the justice and equality that are still being denied the South African Black majority – 25 years after the end of apartheid. 

“The Inspired Career – Breathe New Life Into Your Job and Get Equipped, Empowered and Engaged”

By: Jeffrey D. Hatchell, MBA (BBA ’90)

Every person has strengths – but they often struggle to take advantage of them in the workplace. For those who want more out of their career, this book will help all people transform personal greatness into professional success. 

“The Intangibles of Business Success: Wisdom Developed Over a Quarter Century of Small Business Ownership”

By: Derrick Alford (BBA ’85)

Often in business, the intangibles are overlooked. This book provides the wisdom, guidance and case studies to ensure that no business owners miss the key details necessary for business success

“Speak Black Woman: How Women in Business Can Profit from Public Speaking”

By: Quinn Conyers (MA ’08)

It’s important for Black women to use their voice – and also monetize their public speaking engagements. This book will guide women to expand their audience and ensure they are being compensated for their time, effort, and impact.

“Sean Moses Is Martin Luther, The King Jr.”

By: Moses D. Powe (BS’99)

An uplifting picture book about the story of Sean Moses and his experience portraying Black leaders as a student in the public school system, including MLK, a man for whom Moses believed the word “king” was more than just a last name – it was a title.

“Black Was the Ink”

By Michelle Coles (JD ’06)

Juxtaposes the struggles of the modern-day Black community and the Reconstruction era when a Black teen from present-day Washington, D.C. finds himself seeing the world through the eyes of a Black statesman in 1866.

“Alice in Dreamland”

By Roland S. Jefferson (BS ’92)

A Black prostitute in Los Angeles uncovers the details of a forthcoming white nationalist insurrection on a stolen USB flash drive. This fast-paced, thrilling plot that could affect the future of America traverses the globe and the highest levels of political power.

“Market Your Genius: How to Generate New Leads, Get Dream Customers, and Create a Loyal Community”

By: Nikki Nash (MBA ’11)

Whatever your area of expertise, everyone has a story to tell and an audience eager to hear it. Nash details how to leverage your personal brand to create a profitable business.

“Life, I Swear: Intimate Stories from Black Women on Identity, Healing, and Self-Trust”

By: Chloe Louvouezo (BA ’07)

Uses the media of language, art, and design to tell the stories of 25 prominent Black women who have an important message about transformation and growth.

“The Art of Racial Disparities, Paper Sculptures”

By: Shirley Harris (MFA ’07)

Was born from an obsession with creating paper sculptured images. Harris takes readers on a journey exploring perseverance in the face of racial injustice and the need to return to one’s roots.

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