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Bison Bookshelf Winter ’24

Books published by members of the Bison community.

books by Ryan Hyde

Politically Preaching: Why Politics Are Local to The Black Church by Kevin A. Slayton (MDiv ’11)

Slayton considers the impact and practices of both the politician and the preacher as they seek to impact electoral outcomes.

Saint-Seducing Gold by Brittany N. Williams (BFA ’07)

The second book in this historical fantasy trilogy, magical metal-worker Joan Sands must reforge the Pact between humanity and the Fae to stop the looming war in historic London.

Are You For Real?: Imposter Syndrome, the Bible, and Society by Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder (BS ’91)

Matters of racism, sexism, classism, and gender come to the forefront as the author engages imposter syndrome through the lens of biblical texts. 

The Power of Conscious Connection: 4 Habits to Transform How You Live and Lead in a Disconnected World by Talia Fox (BA ’02, Med ’04)

Fox draws from her personal journey as a Black female leader, providing powerful insights and stirring stories that expose the potent impact of leading with conscious connection.

I Love My People by Kim Singleton (BS ’83)

This rhythmic poetic reading about Black community is accompanied by lively photography and graphics, Singleton’s poignant tribute to the people and places he loves.

Abolition and the Underground Railroad in South Jersey: Not Without a Fight by Ellen D. Alford (BA ’80)

During the Civil War era, South Jersey was a hotbed of slave fugitives, freedmen, and abolitionists. Alford recounts compelling narratives of the Underground Railroad and the efforts to abolish slavery in the area.

The Girl with the Iron Leg: Book One by Griselda Houseworth Clemons (BA ’64)

Clemons shares her memoir about her bout with poliomyelitis during the Jim Crow era and the polio epidemic of 1950.

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