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How Will You Change Perceptions?

Students share how they will change perceptions surrounding Black people in various industries.

by Kiersten Jefferson
Jordan Toombs

Jordan Toombs

Senior, Visual arts major with a concentration in e-studio

“I want to change the perception of Black artistry. People think that we have to be struggling or marginalized and disenfranchised in order to be successful. Let’s change the narrative, change that perception. Let’s actually accept and value the Black artistry that we already have within ourselves.”


Jordan Toombs from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Margeau Pitters

Freshman, Marketing major

“Some of my role models are in the film and media industries. I’m hoping to, in my career, transfer the skills that I’m learning ... to be a pioneer in an emerging industry that does not exist yet.”


Margeau Pitters from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Julius Shanks ll

Freshman, Acting major

“I plan to change the narrative of the acting major and just acting in general to show that Black artists are more than just a ‘Black artist.’ That we are able to be in any genre in any field and compete against anyone from any university because our training teaches how to tell our stories, and that’s exactly what we need in the world right now today. To be able to tell Black stories – not about trauma, not about where we come from, but about the experiences and where [they’re] taking us.”


Julius Shanks ll from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Madison Harris

Junior, TV/Film major

“I’m a film major because I want to change the narrative of African Americans in TV and film. I want less shows like ‘Empire’ and ‘Power’ and more shows like ‘A Different World,’ ‘In Living Color,’ ‘Living Single’ that show Black people in a positive light.”


Madison Harris from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Sabreen Dawud

Sophomore, Journalism major and English minor

“As a journalism major, I aim to uplift Black voices through the stories that I tell. I really personally enjoy highlighting the adversities that Black people face as well as the joys that we experience. In my work, I love to involve Black experts, Black students, and Black people as a whole and their perspectives inside of my articles, and that’s what I aim to do for the rest of my career. As an English minor, I aim to become a published author and ... share Black stories and elevate our voices.”


Sabreen Dawud from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Sydney Edward

Freshman, Marketing major

“As a Black female trying to enter the marketing industry, I think the main goal is to change the perception of kind of lumping underrepresented groups all into one category and really recognizing the uniqueness ... especially in such a white, male-dominated industry.”


Sydney Edward from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.

Phillip Wells

MBA in Marketing

“I want to increase exposure of different careers in the entertainment industry for students of color because we find that a lot of people don’t really understand all of the aspects of the entertainment business. [I want to] increase exposure about careers as an agent, as a manager, as a publicist – those resources should be shared with students of color.”


Phillip Wells from Howard University OUC on Vimeo.


This story appears in the Winter 2022 issue.
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