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Gifts That Keep Giving

Howard receives record-breaking contributions

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Howard continues to receive record-breaking gifts from alumni and organizations worldwide to help create scholarships, programs, experiential learning opportunities, and more for Howard students. Alumni continue to pay it forward, hoping that their contributions can support current and future students in the same way they were supported during their Hilltop days. As expressed by alumna Kirstyn Martin (BBA ’02), “There are not enough words or anecdotes to express the ongoing value that the Howard experience has provided for me, the foundation that it laid for my life and the way it has equipped me to navigate any environment.”

(These are just a small select few of the many gifts Howard received this past fiscal year)

  • $10 mil The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation/ Equitable Economic & Sustainable Society Center
  • $5.4 mil Netflix, Inc./ Chadwick A. Boseman Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • $5 mil Thurgood Marshall College Fund/ Google Capacity Fund
  • $1.38 mil Paul L. Brown, Jr. Trust (BS ’59)/ HU Annual Fund
  • $1.25 mil Ford Foundation/ Center for Journalism and Democracy
  • $1.02 mil Delta Dental Community Care Foundation/ Delta Dental Scholarship for Opportunity
  • $1 mil The Walt Disney Company/ Center for Arts and Communications

Dewey D. White, Jr. (BSME ’71) 

HU Annual Fund

“Howard U. was my springboard to adulthood and gave me the wonderful perspective of attending a HBCU in a major city during the later civil rights era.”

Margaret A. Major (MS ’83)

HU Annual Fund

“I am a Howard Alum.”

Craig O. Chapman (BA ’88)

HU Annual Fund

“I love my alma mater for all it represents!”

Nicole D. Pichon (BBA ’93)

HU Annual Fund

“My time at HU was the most powerful, validating, and enlightening experience of my young single life. I want future generations of students to be blessed with a similar experience.”

Jason L. Brown (BA ’95, JD ’98)

HU Annual Fund

 “Howard University helped transform me into the person I am today.”

Sendy M. Brown (BFA ’96) 

Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts and the College of Engineering & Architecture

“Howard U has enriched my life and elevated my thinking. I am proud of our history and accomplishments!”

Kirstyn Martin (Fields) (BBA ’02)

HUAA Atlanta Club Endowed Scholarship Fund

 “I love my HU!”

 William M. North, IV (BBA ’09)

HU Annual Fund

“I want to do my part to ensure that Howard continues to be a space where our people can continue to develop their minds and their hearts.”

This story appears in the Fall 2022 issue.
Article ID: 1171

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