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In Their Shoes

What Women’s Issues Need to be Addressed?

by N'dia Webb
Tonjia Hope

Mayah Gaines

Senior psychology major

“Abortion. Seeing as Roe v. Wade was just overturned and it impacts a lot of people, especially in Southern states where there are conservative administrations and such.”

Monyell Sessoms

Junior political science major

“Women not being equally included in sports. I skateboard, and in a lot of skate culture and communities, women are not seen as skaters. We aren’t typically included in a lot of skate events, and there aren’t a lot of us in skating, honestly. A lot of men think that women cannot do the same things that they do and don’t see us as actual athletes. Women can do the same things – women can skate, women can participate in any sport that they want to, and we should be provided the same opportunities and resources as men.”

Ashley Hamilton

Sophomore honors marketing major

“I think sisterhood is really important. I think that oftentimes with men and gender equality issues, we’re kind of pitted against each other in order to get into those spaces and have leadership roles or positions. I think that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice kindness and compassion in order to get where we want to go in life and be successful.”

Sanaiya Hammond

Freshman chemistry major

“I think that women need to be recognized for their contributions in STEM, or just in general, because we are constantly doing things to impact the world, yet we get no recognition. We don’t receive the same amount of Nobel Prizes that men do. We aren’t as recognized in papers. There are no speeches or conferences that really recognize women, especially Black women’s contributions to medicine and other world issues.”

Tonjia Hope

Director of the Ralphe J. Bunche International Affairs Center

The issue of reproductive rights, I think, is key, as is the issue of pay equity for women.

This story appears in the Fall 2022 issue.
Article ID: 1176

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