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Letter From the Editor Spring 2021

Howard's new chief communication officer.

by Frank Tramble, MPS
Frank Tramble, MPS, Vice President of Communication, Chief Communications Officer

As the new chief communications officer for Howard University, it is my honor to introduce our reimagined, redesigned and still beloved Howard Magazine.

The reemergence of the magazine represents our commitment to modernizing, uplifting and telling all the stories of Howard University. These pages are filled with narratives that celebrate the Howard community, near and far. Though our campus is largely empty and quiet these days, Howard is louder and prouder than ever. We are overjoyed to have so many Bison share their voices with us and represent Howard in hospitals, schools, corporations, startups, nonprofits, the White House and more, all furthering our University’s mission of truth and service. We’re reminded that it’s the people who create the spirit that is Howard, not the bricks and mortar we had to leave behind in the wake of the pandemic.

It’s crucial to capture these important moments on paper and online for others to read. With the guidance of our new editor-in-chief, Rin-rin Yu, we’ve been able to share these stories across our community and beyond. Much of her job, above anything else, involves carefully listening to the thoughts, emotions and lessons in everyone’s stories. She works diligently with our writers, many of whom are Howard alumni, in translating those thoughts and feelings into the words and images that you see here in this magazine.

Soon, we will welcome students, faculty and staff back to campus, and I can’t wait to hear their voices reverberating across the illustrious Yard. If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or memories you’d like to share, please drop us a line at magazine@howard.edu.

Excellence in Truth and Service,

Frank Tramble, MPS
Vice President of Communications Chief Communications Officer

This story appears in the Spring 2021 issue.
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