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Howard Magazine

Spring 2021

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Spring 2021

Raising Up Kamala

How Howard's past shaped Kamala Harris

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Frank Tramble Editor photo
Frank Tramble, MPS Vice President of Communications Chief Communications Officer

Dear Howard University Community,

As the new chief communications officer for Howard University, it is my honor to introduce our reimagined, redesigned and still beloved Howard Magazine.

The reemergence of the magazine represents our commitment to modernizing, uplifting and telling all the stories of Howard University. These pages are filled with narratives that celebrate the Howard community, near and far.

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President Wayne A. I. Frederick

The Howard University community knows all too well the powerful forces of inertia that weigh down and hold back social progress. Especially when feelings of nostalgia for a lost year will compel society to reflect backwards rather than look forward, it is our distinct duty to ensure that we as a country move in the right direction.

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Colorful fireworks going off above the White House

Perspective: Spring 2021

A celebration of firsts.



Vernon Jordan speaking at Howard

Vernon Jordan, 'The Connector'

While politicians would come and go, Mr. Jordan always seemed to be there.

Black and White portrait of Chadwick Boseman

Howard Forever

The Impact of Chadwick Boseman Beyond Howard University

In Memoriam

  • David Dinkins

    David Dinkins

  • David Driskell

    David Driskell

  • Michael Masch

    Michael Masch


Dana Williams-Johnson

Coming Home

Dana Williams-Johnson remembers when a pin changed her life.

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