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What Will Howard Be Like in 2042?

Members of the Howard community share their thoughts on Howard's future.

by Kiersten Jefferson
Morgan Anderson and Nnamelu Akunne





N’dia Webb

Junior Communications Major

I hope Howard is able to preserve some of the historic buildings that we have, like Founder’s Library and Douglas Hall – I hope they keep their beauty. Especially as the area surrounding us [goes through] a lot of gentrification and the things are looking more modern and the old D.C. isnt the same anymore. As it changes, I hope Howard is able to remain a beacon for people to see that these parts of D.C. still exist and that we can keep this culture and community that we have.

Ralph Remington (BFA ’84)

I think that in 20 years, Howard University will still be going strong. It will still be here, defiant, resistant against all oppression and all oppressors. Thats my hope for Howard and that Black students still find a Mecca here and a home.

Nnamelu Akunne

Second-Year Dental Student

Howard right now is going through transitions … In 20 years, this school will be in a better place to where a lot of the students feel comfortable about other things going on campus. As it is with anything, it’s always progressing. Especially being in the College of Dentistry, I feel like I’m given the opportunity to learn in an HBCU environment and that’s a blessing in itself.

Morgan Anderson

Second-Year Dental Student

[Howard] will definitely be more expanded. Technology would be more advanced, and I know for a fact that they’re actually building a new dental school. [It’s] just amazing [that] it’ll be expanding, having more students and more opportunities for minorities and others to get … what Nnamelu and I experience. I’m from the D.C. area, and so growing up here and just witnessing the transition, it just keeps on progressing, so I’m excited [for the] next 20 years.


Oswin Nwabude (BBA ’22)

Howard will be, in 20 years … still the premier university for Black students. I feel l like we have to make sure we get the next innovators, the next scientists, next business owners, the next Black greatness, the next Black talent.

Caprice King

Program Coordinator for Student Leadership, Campus Life

Howard will still look as beautiful as always. I think it will also have some new buildings as well to accommodate more students to live on campus, and I also know that there are more initiatives when it comes to buildings in the area so I look forward to that. I intend to be a lifelong resident of D.C., whether Im at Howard or not, so Im looking forward to seeing the growth that Howard has over the next 20 years.

Ariana Cobb (BA ’22)

I think Howard is going to be really great in 20 years. I hope that it still looks somewhat the same as well as a lot of upgraded features to it. I hope the School of Communications has a really nice building, and I hope the students are still doing what they do, being leaders in their respective fields.

Lela Scott (BSN ’22)

I can see Howard still having a lot of the same traditions. A lot of things that happen on Howard’s campus are very traditional, such as the long walk to graduation and things like that, but I also see a little modern touch to the University. With all the plans that President Frederick has coming in the next few years, and then beyond that … I see Howard going very far. “

This story appears in the Spring/ Summer 2022 issue.
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