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VP Bruce Jones leaning against a door frame

Inspiring New Knowledge to New Heights

Vice president of research Bruce Jones, PhD, shares his plans to elevate Howard to an R1-designated University and serve wild Alaskan salmon to celebrate.

Headshot of President Wayne A. I. Frederick, MD, MBA

From the President

A letter from President Wayne A. I. Frederick.

Graphic of a neighborhood being stranded due to flood

The Injustice of Climate Change

How extreme weather disproportionately affects communities of color.

Howard Communications team holding awards

Letter From the Editor Winter 2022

Howard's award-winning magazine.

Female swimmer gliding through water

Making Waves

Howard University is the only HBCU left with a Division I swimming and diving program, leaving the team with a responsibility to do more than just win competitions —it has to win over more African Americans to the sport.

Still image from Sankofa movie

‘Sankofa’ – a Film that Goes Back to the Past – Twice

Filmmaker and HU professor Haile Gerima’s groundbreaking film, “Sankofa,” received a restoration and re-release on Netflix this Fall, 27 years after its initial release.

Howard alum and FBI agent Marcus Joachim

A Call to Serve and Represent

Howard alumni at the FBI make it their duty to protect the country and invoke change.

Jordan Toombs

How Will You Change Perceptions?

Students share how they will change perceptions surrounding Black people in various industries.

GiShawn Mance, PhD

The Growth of Mental Health Awareness

With 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiencing mental illness, there is growing acknowledgement of mental health as an aspect of overall health.

Black News Channel's TV show Road Trip logo

Howard Hits the Road with the Black News Channel

Howard University featured in Black News Channel's new TV show "Road Trip"