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Rin-rin Yu

  • Saweetie on Howard campus

    2010s: Freedom of Expression – or Lack Thereof

    In the digital age, women determine their own role with their own words. But the courts do the same with other lyrics.

  • four people standing in front of This Is Hip Hop sign


    Our editorial team was a flurry of ideas over how to cover Howard’s role in hip-hop over the years.

  • Rin-rin Yu and Frank Tramble with Denise Streeter in office recording podcast

    Letter from the Editor - Spring/ Summer 2023

    On Howard’s campus today, there are a myriad of ways for students to identify themselves with less fear of retaliation or judgement that may have been once upon a time.

  • Howard flag

    The Presidential Symbols

    The president's office comes with official ceremonial pieces: the mace, the medallion, and the robes.

  • Dr. Frederick's signed program at inauguration

    The Job of the President

    The president of the University is selected by the Board of Trustees, as stated by the Howard University Charter. We know the president of Howard leads and represents the University, but what does this person do?

  • Rin-rin Yu with Dr. Frederick

    Letter from the Editor - Winter 2023

    We – and the entire Howard community and beyond – know that Dr. Frederick – a doctor, businessman, administrator, leader, parent – is someone who cannot be cloned, and that his story should be shared.

  • Men of the Mecca

    Men of the Mecca Initiative

    Men of the Mecca was designed to identify the unique needs of the Black male population and create an infrastructure of support around them. 

  • Frederick family prays at dinner

    The Family Tree

    Dr. Frederick attributes his success to the close relationships of family and friends he’s held through his life.

  • Jae Murphy on stage

    Perspective: Fall ’22

    Back at the Mecca

  • books by Ryan Hyde

    Bison Bookshelf Fall ’22

    Recent publications by Howard authors