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Jonathan McReynolds

Blavatnik Beyond Books: Howard Enters a New Chapter of Music Education

The Warner Music/ Blavatnik Center for Music Business Education helps aspiring executives learn the ropes of the industry while paying it forward

Carlos Aguilera

Unpacking the Supreme Court’s Power

Just Julian scholar Carlos Aguilera examines whether the nation’s highest justices align with America’s needs.

Neeka Greene on Howard campus

Where I Belong

My Howard sisterhood supported me after I transitioned to male. Our country needs to do the same.

Dr. Akala

Using Nanotechnology to Find Cure for HIV – and Save Black Lives

African Americans continue to be diagnosed with HIV at a higher rate than other races. Conducting research at Howard will represent them best.

John Butler deejaying in the 90's

Rap City, Timberlands, and the Golden Era

A Howard deejay remembers hip-hop in the ’90s at the Mecca.

President Frederick with alums

Racing to Fight Sickle Cell Disease

Through its annual run, the Sickle Cell Center of Excellence fosters community bonds to raise awareness and battle the disease.

AI-created image of Howard graduates in the future

ChatGPT: A Digital Djembe or a Virtual Trojan Horse?

We should critically engage and evaluate the expansion of artificial intelligence models and other content-generating technologies. Here’s why.

power grid in black and white

Strengthening America’s Vulnerable Electrical Grid

Doctoral candidate Odunayo Oluokun researches tools to enhance grid security.

Dawn Williams in a classroom

Erasing Affirmative Action and Opportunity

Education has long been considered a pathway to social mobility. Removing these opportunities can alter transformational life experiences and hinder the ability to break the cycle of poverty.

David Oggi Ogburn headshot

Employment of Enjoyment

David “Oggi” Ogburn captures 50+ years of Black history