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In their shoes

In Your Shoes: What’s Your Favorite Hip-Hop Song?

Howard community share their favorite tunes.

Howard Bison mascots in blue lighting

Homecoming 2023

Howard Homecoming celebrates reunions, new and old, in a Revival-themed week of events.

Vote or Die art

2000s: Hip-hop Harnesses Political Power and the World Wide Web

As hip-hop entered the digital age, it found a whole new way to empower the music industry – and the nation.

90s collage Howard University

1990s: Tha Golden Era

In the ’90s, hip-hop spread its wings – geographically, culturally, academically, and politically.

Howard graffiti

1980s: Breaking All the Rules

As hip-hop culture entered the mainstream, it did so with flair, carving out an identity that would make it impossible to ignore.

yardfest 2022

2020s: Still Roaring

As we celebrate hip-hop at 50, Howard reflects on the genre’s current presence and its future potential.

Saweetie on Howard campus

2010s: Freedom of Expression – or Lack Thereof

In the digital age, women determine their own role with their own words. But the courts do the same with other lyrics.

NY subway

1973: The Birth of a Phenomenon

As immigrants settle in New York, a new era of Black music begins.

books by Ryan Hyde

Bison Bookshelf Fall '23

Books published by members of the Howard University community.

hand drawn flowers

In Memoriam Fall ’23

Remembering the Bison we lost.