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  • woman justice with scales

    Representation Matters

    When Black women don’t have a seat at the table of government at all levels, the issues, concerns, and needs of Black women and the communities they serve are often left behind.  

  • Jordan Toombs

    How Will You Change Perceptions?

    Students share how they will change perceptions surrounding Black people in various industries.

  • J. Jarpa Dawuni, associate professor of political science and founding director of Howard University Center for Women, Gender, and Global Leadership

    How Howard Advances Women

    The election of Kamala Harris (BA ’86) to the vice presidency of the United States is testament to the principles upon which Howard was founded in 1867.

  • GiShawn Mance, PhD

    The Growth of Mental Health Awareness

    With 1 in 5 adults in the United States experiencing mental illness, there is growing acknowledgement of mental health as an aspect of overall health.

  • Jeffery Tribble, Jr.

    Facing the Music

    As schools reevaluate their budgets year after year, music and the performing arts are often on the chopping block. But it’s music that can sometimes be the answer, the path for these children, towards something bigger.

  • Law professor Justin Hansford

    Mood Swings

    Law professor Justin Hansford talks about the shifting tides of politics following Biden's victory.