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Fall 2021

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Fall 2021

The New Normal

What can we expect as the pandemic winds down? Howard's experts say there will be challenges, but also some blessings.

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Rin-rin Yu
Rin-rin Yu Editor-in-Chief

Letter from the Editor

Over the past 18 months, our homes became a cacophony of overlapping Zoom meetings, virtual schooling, Amazon deliveries and family members in each other’s personal space. People yearned to go back to “the way things were.” Meanwhile, our nation elected a woman of color to the vice presidency, confronted police brutality against African-Americans and recognized the importance of mental health through star athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, who publicly acknowledged their limits and pulled out of competitions. We’re all learning to recognize our limits while pushing our boundaries at the same time.

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President Wayne A. I. Frederick

The Mecca had been too quiet for far too long. But this Fall, our campus is full once again. The Yard is bustling with the sounds of students rushing from class to class. The classrooms are filled with discussion and conversation. Even the silence of the libraries feels more active and energetic.

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Aerial photo of students sitting on football field for graduation

Perspective: Fall 2021

Socially distant but closely bonded.




Howard students using camera equipment

CHSOC at 50: A New Direction, A Return to Our Roots

The School of Communications celebrates 50 years of educating and training students in the media and beyond.


Class Notes

Profiles of alumni and notes by graduating year.

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Bison Bookshelf

Recent publications by alumni authors.

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In Memoriam


Campus Gate with Flowers

Dining Together

Siobhan Stewart reflects on friends and the cafeteria.

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