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Fall 2023

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Fall 2023


Hip-hop is more than just a genre of music. It’s a way of life.

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editors in Nashville
Rin-rin Yu and Amber D. Dodd Editor in Chief Associate Editor

Letter from the Editor

This was made from the pride of the Howard University community. It was a commitment to telling our side of every story; an undying love for hip-hop that contextualizes how Black talent, innovation, and domination in pop culture are commonly used to paint the worldwide canvas.  

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Pres vinson

From our esteemed faculty to our students and alumni, Howard University’s impact on hip-hop culture continues to resonate in ways, big and small. We would be remiss if we failed to commemorate the myriad contributions of our community to the art form on such a meaningful anniversary.

From the President


Presidents Vinson and Frederick

Perspective: Fall ’23

A tale of two presidents.




Jonathan McReynolds

Blavatnik Beyond Books: Howard Enters a New Chapter of Music Education

The Warner Music/ Blavatnik Center for Music Business Education helps aspiring executives learn the ropes of the industry while paying it forward



John Butler deejaying in the 90's

Rap City, Timberlands, and the Golden Era

A Howard deejay remembers hip-hop in the ’90s at the Mecca.